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06 October 2010

Dad, part two.

Hi again!

I have a couple more layouts from my Dad's surprise party -- here you go!


As the title says, this one's hard to explain! This blurry photo from the early 90s features my dad in a bikini, getting his makeup done. The rest of this day involved a bunch of cross-dressing dudes in a bikini parade, a bikini dance routine, and who knows what else, all part of a regatta of one kind or another (and that is not as fancy as the word "regatta" implies. Trust me.) When Dad saw this picture, he said, "Man, I thought I burned all of those!"

Design-wise, I kinda wish I would've reversed the pink and yellow papers -- those butterflies are a bit too busy as a background (both papers are older Basic Grey). Plus, all that pink would be even girlier :) Also here: Girls' Paperie, Sassafras, and Cosmo Cricket alphas and a bunch of shiny stuff.


This photo's from about the same era as the one above, but with more clothing this time! In 1991, my grandparents hosted a pair of youth hockey coaches from Russia. As gifts, they brought these big Russian army hats for all the men in the family. They featured prominently in family photos for a couple years, but I think everyone still has theirs. When my grandfather (on the left in the photo) passed away last year, his hat went to Andrew, so now we have one, too! Oh, my dad's the one on the right, by the way.

I used more Basic Grey here -- last year's Christmas line (which I still love), along with some Basics. Thickers and Cosmo alphas. Some ribbon, a button, and a My Mind's Eye embellished brad-dy thing round out this quick layout.

I think that's enough for today! Next time, we'll set the way-back machine for the early 80s on back into the 70s. Oh yeah.

Oh, and it's back to the layouts for me again -- put together the Scrappy Chic kits today (fun stuff!). Maybe by the time I've done all the Dad goodies, I'll have some new stuff to post! If only those essays would grade themselves...I swear, they multiply while I sleep!



Liz Michaud said...

Too funny! Im sure he is so happy that you shared that picture with the blog world ;) Can't wait to get my kit... and buy up all the new Pink Paislee in the store!!! I think we are in need of another crop day as well. Let me know what your sundays look like in November!

Emily Leiphart said...

LOL, such fun layouts, Ang! I think your Dad would be horrified if he knew his bikini photo was on the www. ;) Those Russian hats are awesome and I love that they have such value for the men in your family!

Meg said...

Haha, love that stylish photo of your dad! I like the yellow paper you used, but I can see your point about switching it around.

The Russian hat story is a classic...and I can't believe you were lucky enough to have a Russian hat-esque stamp!

Great work, Ang!