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09 March 2011

Two layouts, plus...'s blog birthday giveaway time! But more on that later. First, I have a couple layouts for you today -- made them both last weekend at Scrapbook League at Scrappy Chic.

Numero uno:

Oh my, look at little us. This photo is from 1998, when we spent a semester in London. I dearly miss that semester. If you are ever in the position of doing a semester overseas yourself, or advising a young person faced with such an opportunity, TELL THEM TO GO!! Trust me.

But perhaps more to the point: I used some of my new Echo Park here. Just love For the Record -- it is delightful! I paired it with some old, old Making Memories puffy letters and a little bit of stamping that just looks like smudges in the photo...much cuter in person, I promise. This layout has a partner with a similar design, using the same papers -- it's a photo of me and two of my gal pals in the same pub from the same night. That's about as close as a two-page layout as I get these days :)

Further back in time:

...further back by, oh, 20 years or so! Yep, a different sort of little me, snoozin' in the swing. Sassafras Mix & Mend here, with some old (again) letters from...K&Co, I think, and some new flowers from Prima -- two resin, and one big orange dude that arrives in ribbon form. Can you picture a whole yard of flowery goodness? I can. 'Cause I have one ;)

So, in that photo there, I'm just about a year old...(see the segue in action)...and so is this here blog! Yep, a whole year ago, I decided to take the plunge and share my designs with the world. Well, with the half-dozen or so members of the world who stop in and look, anyway!

In honor of my blog birthday, I have TWO WHOLE PRIZES to give to two lucky commenters today. Wanna see?  Ok:

Oh me oh my, brandy-new goodies from two of everyone's favorite companies! I just got home from picking these up for y'all at Scrappy Chic...look, I'm so tacky I even forgot to take the price tags off! Oops!

First, a 6x6 pad from Crate Paper -- Emma's Shoppe is girly and vintage and fabulous, while Toy Box is part boy, part young at heart, and all awesome. Plus, look: the folks at Crate finally got the memo and reduced their full-size patterns for the small pads instead of hacking 12x12 sheets in quarters! I about flipped when I saw that. (Oh, and these aren't even on the shelves yet at the store -- I was totally rooting around in the piles waiting to go out! They'll probably be out by the end of the day, though, local folks.)

Next, a pack of petals from Basic Grey -- the colors in Hello, Luscious coordinate perfectly with Emma's Shoppe, and the Life of the Party line looks great with Toy Box. Plus, hello? They're CANVAS. So yummy. And there's a lot in each pack.

So whether you're a scrapper or a card maker, there's plenty to love here. Would you likey? Here's the details:

1. If you aren't already, please consider becoming a follower of this blog -- you can do so over in the sidebar, and it only takes a second.
2. Leave a comment on this post that either:
     a. is a question for me. You can ask me anything, make a request, whatever. I like curious people, and I'll try to answer the questions in a future post. (PS: please don't ask for videos. You won't get them, because I'm shy that way ;) OR:
     b. tells me why you stop in and read awhile here at the blog. I'm trying to figure out why I like reading some blogs and quit reading others...maybe your comments can help!

3. Do #s 1 and 2 by SATURDAY, MARCH 12TH, at MIDNIGHT EST. I'll use a random-number generator to pick my winners and post them sometime on Sunday, so be sure to check back.

This is open to anyone, anywhere -- I'll ship internationally to my awesome readers. If you're local, I can bring your winnings to Scrappy Chic. You know you have some shopping to do there, anyway, right?

It's grey and very, very rainy outside, but here in blog land, it's always warm and fuzzy. Have a delightful day!


Lindsey said...

Well, of course I stop by your blog regularly to feed the fish! :P I visit your blog because I really like your creations. Oh, and cuz we're friends. :) And because you have a mean way with patterned paper. I'd go on, but I'll leave a few ideas for others to use.

Meg said...

1. LONDON!!! I want to go to there (again). But echo park paper? Meh.

2. Really, wouldn't a nap anywhere be good nowadays? Love that paper and the fabulous ribbon flower!

3. I saw your prizes and thought, "Seriously? With the 1/4 sheets of Crate paper?" But no, our Ang wouldn't do that to us! I'm much intrigued by this new development of scaled down patterns!

4. a. What is your favorite movie?
b. Because you never know what you're gonna get--cards? scrapbook? shabby chic? CAS?--but you know it's gonna be good!

Meg said...

{Teehee, I meant to add a line at the end that I was joking about echo park being meh because you know my love affair with it, but now it just seems like I'm trying to up my chances in your drawing but we all know you're smart enough to not count this second post but that was a really bad sentence to leave on a English prof's blog but I know you will forgive me.}

Anonymous said...

GoodMornin. I always look forward to reading your blogging because you kinda remind me of me (a few years ago) and because I enjoy seeing your handiwork and you also don't do any wendy-whining on your blog. My question is: Do you ever do get-away scrap weekends with your scrapping friends? I seem to have become the coordinator for my group of scrap sisters and have orchestrated 5 trips over the past two years(hosted and unhosted) and they were all SMASHING successes!! Everyone had a blast and if you would like some input/suggestions for places, please let me know. Keep up the great work with your blog and happy blogiversary for starting your year 2! Hope to maybe meet you someday at the best scrapbook store ever (thanks to Chris N.)and happy almost-spring! Cathy C.

Emily Leiphart said...

Nice flashback layouts, Ang! It's so very cool that you spent a semester in the U.K. and that photo of little you is adorable! I always love the way you use chipboard letters.

I don't think you expect me to answer all those questions, do you? I think we know each other well enough and there's nothing stopping me from coming to your blog! I just think it's hilarious that you left the price tags on your goodies. LOL

mustavcoffee said...

Gorgeous layouts Angela and congrats on a year of wonderful blogging, here's to many more. Thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind comments :) xxx

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Great layouts! I really need to play with my Echo Park paper, maybe this weekend? What an awesome giveaway, I'm dying to get my hands on that new BG Petals. I stop by your blog because I enjoy your posts and it's fun to actually have met someone whose blog I follow!

Liz Michaud said...

What a great giveaway! I LOVE those pieces. Going to shop at the store tomorrow... and totally blowing my budget on all the new goodies :)
I love your blog becuase your posts are inspirational, witty, well written and because you are my stamping idol :)

Questons for you: Favorite thing to shop for other than scrap supplies? What is your ultimate vacation destination? Who are your favorite blogs to visit?