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17 February 2012

12 on twelve: January

Happy Friday! It's sunny and warmish and boy, do I need a nap!
Instead, how about a layout?
How about one that features NOT my usual one or two or three photos, but one with TWELVE, count 'em, 12 photos instead?

Okay, then, here you go:

Ella Publishing is doing this Take Twelve challenge all year, and while I know there's an "official" challenge with a kit and contests and templates and stuff, I decided to just take the idea as inspiration to visually document a whole day every month. This here is January, and my first real experience using Instagram, and I liked it! (I'm a Hipstamatic fanatic, usually.)

The photo-strip look is a bit of a fake-out -- I just printed the photos as a collage, then sliced them up and reconfigured 'em. As you can see, my day was pretty random, so my design reflects that. I also pledged to myself to use mainly older products on these layouts (stash busting is craft resolution #1 this year) -- the floral paper and alphas are both newer Basic Grey (Picadilly - from Scrappy Chic, natch), but everything else is old(er).

I did, however, use a new technique with my old glitter -- it basically involves splattering watered-down glue all over the page and then glittering it up. I learned it through this video tutorial from Rahel Menig (whose style I admire quite a bit [and she has the cutest voice!]). Surprisingly, I didn't walk around coated in glitter afterwards, and so I decided that this is one technique I'd try again.

I have photos from 12 February ready to go, too -- this time, I think I'll try something really clean and geometric, just to see if I can :)

In the meantime, have a great weekend! (I get to go see Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert tonight -- what's not to love about that? Yay.)


Lindsey said...

What a fun layout... and concept! And so glad to see equal time for both cats in the house. And the husb. :D Great idea with the glue and glitter, too!

Jocelyn Olson said...

What? Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain? Live? JEALOUS! (more about the Eric Ripert part...). What a cool LO. I love the 12 pics and how you placed them like photostrips. I can't even figure out what all the pics are, but the kitty pics are great. The glitter idea is a new one to me...kind of like homemade Stickles and a lot cheaper!

Emily Leiphart said...

Ooohhh, I love the photo-strip look as well as all those stickers and the way you played with the glitter. There's so much to look at here and it's all good!