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03 March 2012


Hi there -- hope you're having a great Saturday!

This past week, our little Simon cat had some minor surgery -- there's a pin in his leg from when he broke it last summer, and he's grown so dang fast that the pin had to be removed - it was growing right out of the bone! Sorry, that's a little icky to think about. Luckily, the surgery was truly minor and after a couple days in the Cone of Shame, he's back to his crazy orange self.

In his honor, here's a layout I made a few weeks ago (while cropping at Scrappy Chic) featuring Simon wearing a big envelope rather than a cone:

This layout is also another stash-buster, but with a twist -- not only are most of the papers fairly old (MME Lush from at least a year ago, Making Memories ledger from ago), but I'm also trying to use more of that stuff I hang onto thinking it'll be fun to scrap with...most of which I keep in a box somewhere, all lonely and unused.

Between the title and photo, you can see an old rolodex card (with an "s" for Simon), and a little paper bag -- I have a whole stack of both, and I'm not even sure where they're from anymore!

I was given a whole stack of little envelopes full of postage stamps that my late grandfather had collected -- they aren't worth money, really, but they do have some sentimental value, so I thought getting them onto layouts and other projects where they can be seen would be nice. I also think some of them are kinda hilariously propagandistic (yes, even blogger thinks that's a word, so I'm going with it) -- I mean, really, Atoms for Peace? Nice. The colors and designs play nicely together, though. There's a row of stitching over them, as well as over the title, and a few bits of it in other places, just for fun. Some tapes and a button finish the look.

I predict that I'll be using more non-traditional, office-y stuff on future layouts. If you've used fun supplies from somewhere other than the scrapbook store, I'd love to hear about it.

Have a lovely day!

PS: I'll be doing a guest post later this month over at the Scrap Our Stash blog (which I found through their former DT member, Sue). I'll be sure to let y'all know when it goes up. For now, you can see my little introduction post here.

{Here's another question though: does it bother anyone else to read an intro written in the third person? Is there some industry standard I don't know about? Anyway, I just wrote mine to sound more or less like me. Let me know what you think. Ok, I'm really done now!}


Sue Althouse said...

I've never had to put a cat in the Cone of Shame, can't imagine that is fun. Love the supplies you put on your page! Thanks for the shout out, and I'll be sure to check you out over at SOS!

scrapfool33 said...

Hi Angela - Love your latest LO of Simon - I should do something like that with my DerbDog - he's about the same size I'd say. So glad you are the 'boss lady' of the SC design team for 2012 - keep up the good work cuz I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your creativity. Still hope to meet you sometime at SC! Bye, Cathy C.

Emily Leiphart said...

Super cool! Simon is so cute, you could use him on all your layouts and I wouldn't mind. :D I love your use of those old stamps and those are the coolest letters I've ever seen!

Lindsey said...

I'm so glad to hear that Simon's surgery was minor and that his stay in the lampshade was short. He is such a cutie! I love this layout, especially how you incorporated the stamps.

kasia c. said...

Oh I love how your mind works. :)
That is so cool that you used a rolodex card on your page.

Glad to hear that little Simon is doing well, and growing fast!

La Vikinga said...

Hi Angela; I just came over from Scrap our Stash to look around because I like your green LO with all the letters! It seems like you love cats!

Welcome back to participate in our "Pagerize this" at Scrap Our Stash!

La Vikinga