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23 December 2010


Christmas is almost here! Hooray!

I have lots of projects to post...but not today. Today is for baking and reading:

I have read the Life and Adventures of Santa Claus every year since I was nine. The book on the right is my original Dover edition...and on the left is how I read it these days ;)

It's a whimsical, typically Baum-esque tale, and I love it.

Any quirky personal traditions on your end?

Off to bake -- have a great Christmas Eve eve!


Meg said...

Oh, how fun! I may have to scope this one out for next year.

I always have to watch It's A Wonderful Life. It makes me sad that it's not on TV 1,498 times-I sort of miss the bad technicolor version! :)

Hope you enjoy your nice cozy day of food & books!

Emily Leiphart said...

Why have I never heard of that book? Glad I now have a friend in you to recommend all the good ones! :D Shockingly, I don't have many traditions but I hope to start some of my own. Please post photos of your goodies!!

Lindsey said...

Me three... I'm going to have to seek out this book! As a Dickens fan, I'm a sucker for A Christmas Carol... listened to it while wrapping this afternoon, probably listen to it again tomorrow while doing early Christmas dinner prep... And then there's my annotated edition... :P