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17 May 2011

all carded out...

...whew! I've been making all kinds of cards these days, but I gotta keep 'em under wraps for now. So, how about a layout instead?

The photo you're about to see is kinda first night visiting some pals in Atlanta, we were out to dinner when a Face Time request came in from my sweet husband. I think he was hoping to video chat with me, but he got to catch up with our friends instead! I stole a quick shot of them deep in conversation.

feel free to click for a closer look

They had to use headphones, though, since it was kinda noisy in the restaurant. Ok, it was a bar. But a bar with delicious food! (warning: didgeridoo on website. I think.)

I whipped this layout up in my flurry of Scrappy Chic projects before Mega Meet earlier this month. Here I've used Cosmo Cricket's Upcycle -- I love that overlapped scallop print, and it wasn't too much of a pain to do some trimming to turn it into a nice wide border, just ripe for the stitching. 

And this is my new solution to my all-too-frequent "dang, I'm out of E's again!" quandary: hack through the chipboard and use the negative backed w/paper! I'm pretty pleased with myself for that one.

Anyway, I hope your day is as lovely as can be. It might be chilly and grey outside here, but I'm warm. And my house is full of the scent of lilacs -- what more could I want, really?


Lindsey said...

This is so much fun! Love the title layering especially.

Meg said...

Ooh, once again, you're too clever! I totally thought you planned that whole negative "E" thing, not that you ran out of 'em!

Sounds like you have all the right elements for a wonderful nap right there--that would certainly make my day lovely!

Emily Leiphart said...

You are SO clever, Ang! My initial thought was, "I love how she did those 'Es'!" but not because you ran out but because it's so cool! Ok, and I just looked up and Meg said the same thing. LOL

You're going to have to walk me through a layout when you're here in December!!

mustavcoffee said...

Hi Angela, Looks like hubby didn't miss out at all:0) Great LO love the inventive E's and brilliant colour mix! I'm looking forward to seeing your new makes, you have me guessing what they might be?!!
Hugs:0) xxx

Liz Michaud said...

I love this layout... the title is awesome and I love the colors :)

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Loving that scallop print - sure beats cutting out a million circles! Great tip on the E's, gotta try that! I have a few dwarf lilacs in my yard that bloom late, but they are full of buds. The smell of lilac is the best smell in the world.

kasia c. said...

angela, this is insanely awesome! I love the border u created and those fabulous negative image "E"'s. Genius! It looks great. :)