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20 August 2011

Birthday Time!

Yes indeed, it was Mr. Cupboard's birthday this week! Now, normally I'd bake a cake for him (I do love to bake), but I happened to have a Groupon to a tasty local bakery...and this cake was tasty indeed! Cute, too -- cake decorating is a bit beyond me, mostly because my handwriting is so terrible! Anyway, birthdays mean cards, right? Here:

Yeah, that's a talking mixtape. Don't your mixtapes talk to you? ;)  Aside from the speech bubble, this is a one-layer card -- all those lovely straight lines made for some simple masking. The fabulous tape is a new addition to my collection -- I bought it locally here, but you can also order it directly from Yellow Owl Workshop (there's other cute stuff there!). The background stamps and sentiment are all PTI, and the bubble and the grosgrain embossing on it are fun My Favorite Things goodies. I also broke out a very old $1 Studio G alpha set for the names. Knew I was hanging on to it for something!

If you were wondering about the odd angle of the card in the first photo, well, let's just say Dex really wanted to be in the picture, so I let her hold the card open for me here ;)  I used some older We R Memory Keepers stamps on the inside, with another alpha and a heartfelt sentiment.

As for the birthday celebration, we spent some time with family, some time eating, some time shopping for music, and some time with a beer. Nice day!

Ah, starts later this week, so that probably means I'll be a little cranky soon. I do love my job, but who doesn't love summers more, after all? Thank goodness for craftiness -- an excellent antidote to the back-to-school blues!

Enjoy your weekend! I have a roller derby bout to officiate tonight -- should be fun!


Meg said...

I think I need the paper bag from your blog header because I'm hyperventilating over here....I am in love with your card! Totally fooled me about being one layer. LOVE the color combo and I'm totally intrigued by this grosgrain embossing and wondering why this is the first time I'm hearing about it.

Love the fun mix of stamps on the inside, too.

Glad you two had a fun celebration. Sorry the ol' j-o-b starts this week for you. But the sooner you start, the sooner the next vacation comes around, right?

I'm going to go back to staring at your card now.

Lindsey said...

I'm with Meg -- THAT'S one layer? Wowzer. I don't care if you call it simple, excellent masking skills on display here. What a fabulous card, I'm sure Mr. Cupboard loved it! And so sweet of Dex to lend a paw.
(Ha, you must have college teacher handwriting! I have elementary teacher printing. :P)

kasia c. said...

Eeeeeek! I love this. And boy do I remember mixed tapes. I think I even still have a few that were made for me.

Hope the bout goes well! Have an awesome time. :)

Emily Leiphart said...

Eeek, I sure hope Andrew loved this card as much as we all do! The colours and stamps are wonderful. I think you are enabling me big time here! Too bad stamps aren't in the moving budget. And how cute is Dexter to hold the card open for you? Teehee. :D

Jocelyn Olson said...

Squeal! I love the mix tape!!! I am all about that stamp. How did you make that a one-layer card? Seriously, I am in awe. The inside is as great as the outside!

Your kitty's paw is hilarious! It almost looks fake (although I don't know why you would have a fake cat paw).

Good luck with work starting up again.

Liz Michaud said...

As always you totally inspire me with your use of stamps! Amazing! Say Happy (belated) Birthday to Andrew for me.

Hope your last weekend of the summer was great.... now you get to join the rest of us working folks! So jealous of your summer off.