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14 August 2011

Who says summer is relaxing?

The past couple of weeks have been super-busy around here! Luckily, they've been fun-busy, not work-busy: a fun couple of days hanging out in my favorite city (that's Detroit, y'all) with my hubby to celebrate our anniversary earlier this month, followed by prepping my stuff for the yard sale at Scrappy Chic (where I did quite well, thank you very much), followed by canning a big batch of cherries (oh, the pitting!), followed by spending the past four days or so Up North with the fam, camping it up. Whew!

I have made some stuff in between, but I haven't taken the time to get photos up and ready for the ol' I guess it's time to catch up, eh? Today, I have a couple projects using my kit from Scrappy Chic.

Oh, look at that sweet little face! (And he's so much bigger than this now -- they grow so fast!) I think he deserves a layout, don't you? Ok!

Oh, Simon is just so cute. And photogenic. That husband of mine is pretty adorable, too, don't you think? ;)

This fabulous paper (reminds me of a modern version of an old quilt) and banner (which is self-adhesive, conveniently) are from possibly the cutest little-boy-but-also-good-for-lots-more line -- Paper Boy from Ruby Rock-it, a smallish Australian company. I love the colors, especially the bright pops of yellow, and I love that the line is just so versatile...of course, I went and made a little-boy-cat page anyway ;) (Just so you know, there's also a Paper Doll line that includes a fabulous lime green. Yum.)

Grounded my title with a little collage of October Afternoon label stickers (I will NOT hoard my stickers. I will NOT hoard my stickers...). I'd say that red "g" was an intentional design decision...but I was just out of orange. Looks jaunty, no?

This month, one of my crafting goals is to whip up a card whenever I make a layout -- I do always have leftovers, after all. So here's a super-quick one:

Same stickers, paper, border as above, with a bit of faux stitching for added flair. Done in five! Any other quick tips for stash-busting out there? I'd love to hear them!

Well then, there's probably plenty more news to share, but for now, I'll get back to being un-busy. Besides the laundry, of course...;P


Emily Leiphart said...

What a comeback, Ang! This layout is my new favourite of yours. Simon is a cutie-patootie and I wish I could snuggle with him. Teehee. Beautiful papers and usage of them. Love the one red 'g' and the cute card you made with the leftovers!

Jocelyn Olson said...

Wow! Wow, wow! Hearing about what you're up to makes me miss this time of year. Simon is a gorgeous cat, and that's so cool that he's a snuggler. Fab LO...totally love the papers. And the lone red letter looks intentional. How did you make the card so quickly? So fun!

Liz Michaud said...

Love the colors... and Simon is sooooo cute. I would have never guessed this was a little boy line if you didn't tell me! Just might have to grab some of those banner stickers for myself.

Sue Althouse said...

Wow, thanks for the intro to a great new paper line, will have to check that out! Love your sticker layering as a place to rest your title. And Simon and your husband together are too cute!

Meg said...

I am in awe of your sticker un-hoardedness, Ang!! It really make the title look awesome, especially with that oh-so-designer touch of the red g! ;)

That paper looks really cool, and I'm intrigued by both the promise of lime green and self-adhesive banners.

The scrap card is also fabulous-love the sentiment (have you been hanging around too many Southerners recently?).

And yes, both kitty and hubby are definitely cute/adorable enough to merit a layout!

Lindsey said...

When/if I get to meet you Ang, could you bring Simon along, too? He is just SO adorable! Okay, bring your husband along as well if you must. :D Love this layout showcasing everyone! And the card is sweet, too.

kasia c. said...

Holy wow!! Ok that layout is amazing!! Not that that is a change from your everyday! I love the title, the collage of stickers behind it, the pics, the banners, the twine. I am in awe. :)
( the card too!)

Sounds like you had a fabulous holiday. Glad to hear it!

Championship game was good, unfortunately my team lost, but oh well! I am hoping I can come out to the derby world championships in TO. There is a girl on team Canada that was freshmeat with me!!!
It would be awesome if I could meet you! Here's hoping!

Chris Nicholson said...

Great layout! We just celebrated our anniversary this month, too... congrats!