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14 November 2011


Hey y'all -- Happy Monday!

I have been on a layout tear of late, and I figured I'd try to catch up on some projects. The eight layouts below were all made just for me, just because. Some I made at a crop at Scrappy Chic; others I made after being inspired by my Pretty Paper Party class over at Shimelle Laine's website. Eight is a lot, so let's get on with it:

{a quick note: I realized for the first time that I can make photo collages right in Picnik -- and with a lot of options and control over proportions. Makes me happy! A click here will enlarge the whole thing.)

Clockwise from top left: 1. Photo/CHA; Paper/Authentique. 2. Photo/CHA; Paper/Kaisercraft. 3. Photo/CHA; Paper/Studio Calico, Echo Park, Dear Lizzy, Anna Griffin. 4. Photos/Detroit Jazz Fest. Paper/Crate Random.

Notes: 1. I love this photo of Chris and Katie on the escalator -- we were looking for a banquet, but we weren't finding it...yet. 2. The Paper Crafts people had copies of their then-newest issue -- the first time I had a card published! I totally snuck this photo :). 3. Holy pattern-combo, batman! I love the cluster of embellishments -- all of which were within arm's reach on my desk! 4. Holy photos, batman! I count nine. One of them might look familiar from this post, but this layout's all about the fireworks.

(The Picnik collage tool has a "wonkiness" control -- great for not-quite-straight on photos like these!)

Again from top-left: 1. (cute)Photos/our bedroom :); Paper/Prima, Studio Calico 2. Photo/our bedroom; Papers/Crate, Authentique, Grant Studio [mostly kit leftovers]. 3. Photo/our bedroom (see a pattern?); Paper/all scraps. 4. Photos/my aunt's backyard; Papers/My Mind's Eye (various lines), Crate.

Notes: 1. Holy cuteness, batman! I love these photos of Simon snuggling up next to Andrew's back - under the covers, no less! 2. Another snuggle -- this time from June, when Simon was just a little guy. 3. Oh, that photo -- this is definitely frame-worthy. I let it take center-stage on the layout because I love it soooo much. 4. This is CASEd from one of the class sketches -- I CASEd it again because I love it -- that layout will follow soon.

Patterns I can see in these eight layouts: Clearly, I like to scrap about Simon and Andrew! I also really like kraft. And grey. And I guess I'm not afraid of mixing patterns or paper lines. I also like doilies and mists quite a bit right now, though the mists don't always photograph clearly. Single-photo layouts come together most quickly for me, though I'm pretty proud of my two-, three- and NINE-photo layouts too! I've been intentional about layering more, and I think it's starting to stick. What do you see? Let me know.

Anyway, I hope this wasn't sensory overload for you! I know the details are sketchy -- if you'd like to know how something was done, or where my embellishments came from, etc., just ask in the comments.

Next up: catching up on Scrappy Chic layouts! See you soon -- have a lovely day!


Liz Michaud said...

Wow tons of eye candy today! Yes you do rock the craft paper - need to take notes on that one. I picked up my kit on saturday and drop off 4 new layouts and a mini! Hope you had a great weekend :)

Meg said...

Patterns I see: 1. you are a genius at mixing patterns and embellishments and photos and awesomeness. 2. you rock at any-number-photo layouts 3. of course your photos are andrew- and simon-heavy--both are so layout-worthy (but, um, cough, cough, don't you have another cat?) 4. you must own 25,000 different packages of letter stickers.

Lindsey said...

I bow down before the goddess of fantabulous layouts! These are all amazing, Ang. But I too am feeling a little badly for your OTHER cat. Good thing Andrew's a one-off! :D

Sue Althouse said...

Wow, I am totally impressed with your productivity - and creativity! I can definitely see the influence of Shimelle's class, with your unqiue style sense, of course!

Pam said...

Holy full of life! I always find so much energy here.

Jocelyn Olson said...

Wow, you've been crazy busy! I love how you're so good at mixing patterns and colors. Your layouts are always have so much energy! Fabulous!!

Emily Leiphart said...

For the first group, I swooned over the papers and stickers and the second group... well, let's just say there was a lot of awwwwing going on here. :D Love them!!