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16 January 2012

ooh, sparkly :)

Hey there!
I'm still working on the dang December album photos (all 80 of them...each of which is inexplicably rotated 90 degrees...blergh. Any insight on doing batch editing in Picnik?).

So, in the meantime, how about something new?

{Warning: slightly mushy photo ahead!}

Oh geez, are those people smooching? And is one of them me? Why yes, that's what you see here. It was midnight on New Year's Eve, one of very few times I condone brief PDA. So I scrapped it, using my latest goodies from Scrappy Chic, namely the Yours Truly line from Echo Park. I had to grunge it up a bit with ink to make it work with the background, which I made all by my lonesome, using some vintage pattern tissue (scrunchily adhered to cardstock with spray adhesive) that I stamped a bit (using these new Hero Arts stamps) and then topped with a coating of glitter spray. (If you use this stuff, put your project in a box and go outside -- it isn't too messy, but there's definitely know, made of glitter, so it's gonna get everywhere otherwise).

You can see the glitteriness a bit better here -- even more if you click to enlarge. I adhered some twine behind the photo mat in messy loops just for kicks.

This might be the first time I've used something other than alpha stickers for a title, but this cut-apart element from the EP line said just the perfect thing :). You can see another Hero Arts stamped heart peeking out the side there, too.

So, I've been using scrapping as an escape from an otherwise so-far busy semester, which means you'll be seeing some more pages soon. And the dang album. One of these days.

Until then, have a lovely, hopefully-not-too-cold day!


Liz Michaud said...

Ahh so cute! I totally agree that PDA gets a free pass on New Years :) Love the background and how it contrasts with the 'lovey' paper. Amazing use of stamps and twine too!
Good luck with the picture rotating thing - that sounds like a pain - sorry I have no help with that one!

Sue Althouse said...

Thanks for the warning, is that going on display at Scrappy Chic, lol? No worries, PDA on New Years is completely acceptable in my book. Love the saying, we have the same words on a little wall plaque in our bedroom.

Emily Leiphart said...

Aw, how romantic! I love the tissue paper background and the stamping on it. That loopy twine is so cool!

Laurie! said...

Very crafty!

Jocelyn Olson said...

Yes, PDAs on New Year's are okay (well, usually ;). I love the color scheme you used...sweet but also rustic. The overstamping with the HA stamps is super cool! Good luck with the start of the semester.

Lindsey said...

Awwww! That is one sweet PDA. And yes, generally acceptable on New Year's Eve. You're wearing a hoodie, it looks like, and Andrew a plaid shirt? We're even more alike than I thought. :P Fabulous layout -- I love the tissue paper base layer and all the HA hearts and other goodies!