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29 June 2010

Bliss Boy

Yo people -
Over the weekend I managed to whip up three layouts for Scrappy Chic (which gives me stuff to post -- bonus!).  Today, you get one -- here it is:

Who says you can't use purple dotty papers on a boy layout? Not me! The little cutie is our godson in a photo from a year and a half ago -- now he's a slightly larger cutie! At Buddy's Pizza (the best pizza in the world, btw -- right, local/MI people? Right? Anyone out there?) they give out dum dum suckers at the door to anyone who wants one, and balloons to the kiddos. Someone had the genius idea of tying the balloon to the sucker stick, which made our little man very, very happy -- except he kept looking up at the balloon instead of where he was going! Ha.

Here's a close-up of the title:

The Thickers in the title are all wonky and overlapped and stuff. I got that idea from some layouts by the brilliant Liz, and I dig it. The "out" is also Thickers -- ones that started white but got inked in grey and purple. Hey, American Crafts? Could you PLEASE make some grey (not silver, not glitter) Thickers that aren't huge and all caps? I don't like to YELL in my titles. Thanks.

In case you're curious, here's that upper corner bit:

Most of the goodies in this layout are BoBunny's Peacock Lane, with some Basic Grey label stickers (I think I'll use their Basics collections forever), a cut-up frame from Little Yellow Bicycle that was in my DT kit a few months ago and never got used, a stamp from Stamper's Anonymous, and probably some other stuff I'm not quite remembering.

I'll have a card or two for you soon. Plus the other two layouts. Hooray!

Today, I had a fun, ladylike little lunch at a tea room, where it was hard for me not to laugh at all the frilliness (I'm not very ladylike, you see). I'm also nursing a couple of whopper blisters from an evening of roller skating on Sunday. What are you up to?


Meg said...

Angela I love every detail you put into this layout! Love how you matched his green jacket and made it look like he was looking at the title. I think the purple polka dots work well for this lil' man and I like how you repeated them again at the title. And love your use of white space! And your overlapping wonky title! eeek!! can't stop thinking of things I like!

So, tea room *and* roller skating? Are you both 93 and 13 years old at once? DH & I just played our new Wii Sport Resort for the last two hours and I am now going to type with my feet since my arms no longer work ( but I did school him in swordplay, so it was worth it!).

Emily Leiphart said...

It's AWESOME and still very BOY! I love how the lime green in your layout and embellishments matches Avery's jacket!