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20 February 2011

Counterfeit Layouts, part one

Hi folks --

Well, the snow has just started falling here in MI -- what better thing to do than curl up with a blanket and a blog post?

I've been participating in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge this month -- you can see my kit here. So far, I've made a couple layouts, with at least a couple more on the way. First up:

Yes, we let our cat drink from the sink. She really does love it! I happen to love this Polaroid-style photo I shot of her going to town at the faucet (thanks, Camera+). I was going for a patched-together look on this particular layout, befitting a polaroid. I ended up using a bunch of papers and some Prima flowers that have been languishing for quite some time. The houndstooth tape kind of ties it all together.


Photos from yet another concert. We were literally in the very last possible row, so the stage shots are, shall we say...blur-tastic? In such a small size, though, it's less noticeable. Let that be your photo trick of the day. :)

Just one pattern this time, but lots of fun embellishments -- lace, rick rack, tissue tape, dymo labels, and another formerly-languishing Prima item -- that big ol' bling swirl. I added a few red pearls to it, and used it to house the title.

One fun thing about this challenge is that it really frees me from feeling obliged to use current product, or even from keeping track of what products I'm using at all! If you're playing along as well, I'd love to hear  what you are digging!

Speaking of digging -- time to find the snow shovel!

Enjoy your day, whatever the weather.


Mad for Paper said...

Great layouts. The photo of your cat is very cute. I like how you ran the letters along the swirl of bling.

Lindsey said...

Great layouts! Of course I love the one of Dex... Cricket tends to prefer shower and tub drips, herself. :P The folk fest one has such a great balance to it.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge said...

Very ecclectic and fun! I like it!

Counterfeit Kit Challenge

A Creative Operation said...

I think these are funky cool!

Meg said...

Oooh, you are totally rocking your counterfeit kit! I love the black, white, and red! That houndstooth tape is awesome, and I love how you used the bling for your titling in the second layout. And I'm so impressed you used that bling at all-I know I would have trouble hoarding that!!

Hope you are staying warm and cozy whilst some of us have inclement weather days to make up tomorrow! But at least I can go to work without a jacket!

Emily Leiphart said...

How cute is Dexter drinking from the sink? SO CUTE! Pit'r used to do that 'til Damian came along and now she just hides in his closet. LOL I have a video of her lapping up the drips though. How creative that you'd even think to make a layout out of that! And, yes, you're rockin' the tape again... as usual. ;)

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Love your counterfeit kit and the layouts you created from it! I really have to participate in this one next month! Great comment about just being able to use your stash and not worry about how new or what it is!

Margie said...

Great layouts, and great job using those photos that may not have turned out great, but still hold special memories!

Liz Michaud said...

So cute! My kitty loves the tap drips too!
Great job on the kit. I need to use up some of my 'old' stash, this is a great idea for that.

Judy said...

It sure feels better to "use" than to "hoard". Great job with using your kit. Thx too for the tip on using out of focus pics. I will remember that for sure.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge said...

I love your fun use of embellishments. The flowers on the first layout are awesome!!!

Lori said...

Very cute layouts! I love the cat photo and I agree, taking pics of a concert from the last row certainly is a challenge...been there, done that, lol:)

Cath said...

Nice layouts, Angela! I love the picture of your cat at the sink! Too funny! :)