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17 February 2011

It's Twiggy!

Or, rather, it's Twig-y. Little Yellow Bicycle's latest collection, Twig, is just so dang adorable! The colors are great, the images are really unique, and if you spring for the chipboard pieces, a couple of the cutest little gnomes ever will come to live in your studio. But you'll see those later. Today:

How about a little summer flashback? I can't say I'm the biggest Dave Matthews Band fan -- they're kind  of like college-era nostalgia. But we went to the show in July with a couple of pals, one of whom is a HUGE fan, and that made it a lot of fun. By the way, I think you know you're a "real" grown-up when "lawn seats" equal "no way"! I was happy to drop some extra cash for real seats under the pavilion at DTE, our local mega-sized outdoor arena. If you click the photo above, you can see the massive-ness of the lawn crowd a little clearer :)

I've only used a little of my Twig stash so far -- a bit of the paper, including some leaves I cut out, and a few chipboard shapes, like that big tree holding my title. No gnomes yet :) That lovely ribbon is May Arts, and I also threw on a little tape from 7Gypsies. One fun detail shot:

Shows how glittery the chip shapes are, plus those little leaf pins are really cute! I have a bit of a needle phobia, but these are firmly affixed in the foam tape holding up the tree, so I won't stick myself! Whew.

Last Friday our returning and new design team members at Scrappy Chic met up for the first time. Not only is our team very talented, they're also really nice -- it looks like it's gonna be a fun year! In related news, store owner Chris has given the team posting power on the store's blog -- you can go check out this layout there sometime soon, and Liz has already posted a great page (way to break the ice, Liz!).

And speaking of Scrappy Chic, it's like Christmas over there -- I stopped in yesterday, and there were about TWO DOZEN BOXES OF NEW STUFF, just waiting patiently to be put into the computer and out on the shelves. I'm super-excited that they're carrying Echo Park now -- For the Record is just an amazing collection. Other things to look for: a whole lot of My Mind's Eye, some new dies, new Graphic45, fun new toys from Ranger, and so much more. It'll take a few days to get it all out, but you know I'll be shopping soon!


Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

I do like the cool colors in this LYB paper. Great layout, love your frame and the tree. I'm with you on having real seats at a concert! Sounds like a shopping trip is in the near future! Sounds like Christmas at Scrappy Chic!

Emily Leiphart said...

Ang, you sure have a way of making me want new papers even though I don't know how to use 'em. LOL I love this layout and you are so photogenic! I love the colours and especially those sparkly chipboard leaves and leaf pins!!

Liz Michaud said...

Way to rock the Twig! I love that stuff :)
I love DMB too... been to see him probably 10 times over the years.
Can't wait to see all the stuff at SC!! See you Sunday for the yard sale!!

Lindsey said...

Oops, I may have just overfed the fish. :P What an awesome layout! And to think I passed on buying some 7 Gypsies tape today... if only I'd seen this first!

Pam said...

You are so cool that you are hot...and so Peter Panish to Wendy, in other words, I'm sure you'll never grow up. This is such a great layout. My only DMB story is that Dhubs and I went to the taping of the CONAN show in NYC to see let down cuz they were scheduled, got sick and they stuck some newbie named John Mayer in their place. Just another of life's disappointments;)

Meg said...

Ah, another fantastic page!! Love the grassy texture of your background paper--works so well with those fancy new chipboard shapes!

I am also in total agreement with you: no reserved seat = no meg.