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03 February 2011

so much to say!

Hi there, everyone!

So, my awesome pal Meg has a fun blog post today -- it's one of my layouts! I sent her this:

Now, I can't say I send layouts to people every day, but sometimes it's just the right thing to do. What my sweet Meg doesn't tell you in her blog post is that a few weeks ago, she sent me an amazingly cute sympathy card after we lost our sweet Marty...and then, a couple days later, this book shows up in the mail -- it was the perfect pick-me-up at a time when I really needed it. So, you see, what else could I do but scrap the cutest corgi ever!

I had a lot of fun with the details on this one, but I'll show you just a quick couple:

Addie is, of course, the No. 1 corgi -- and here, I made the No. 1 from some grungeboard, inked up and hit with a dose of glossy accents. I've been meaning to try that technique out -- works like a charm! Instant Thickers-like appeal.

The title started out as some plain white fabric Thickers, but that just wouldn't do -- so I inked 'em up with distress ink...and now they look like corduroy! Ooh, fun. I'll be trying that one again, too.

Seriously, Meg, you're the best -- thanks again for your daily kindness, as well as the extra kindness you passed along when I needed it.

In other news, I got a fun box today! I participated in the Embellish challenge for the first time awhile ago and, well, I guess I picked the right month to try, because I kind of won :) My prize came from Canvas Corp, and man, is it burlap-tastic! There's a lot here -- burlap shapes and canvases, tiny clothespins, some colored pencils, various fibers, and something very intriguing called chalkstock -- a 12x12 cardstock-weight sheet of, well, chalkboard stuff! There's some great design possibilities here. Thanks to Ashley at Embellish for sending it -- it got here really quickly!

There's just so much to be thankful for! Since it's a thankful kind of day, I'd like to offer you this:

This little guy's been making its way around blogland -- I spied it on Emily's blog and thought I'd play along. Here's the deal: The first 5 commenters who let me know they want to participate will each get something handmade from me this year. Who knows what it'll be? Happy mail, maybe some's the limit! Those five folks have the option of reposting and continuing the chain of fun. I'm not one for following rules, though, so I won't tell if you just want to be on the receiving end!

FINALLY (whew!), I've been fortunate to receive a blog award not once, but TWICE in the SAME DAY! What are the chances? So, thanks to both Emily and Sue for sharing it with me!

Like any girl with good Lutheran training, I know German when I see it. Can't read it, necessarily, but I sure can recognize it. Turns out Liebster means, more or less, "lovely." Extra-sweet. Like most blog awards, I'm supposed to pass this one on, but I'm feeling kind of anti-choice right now (plus many of my bloggy friends have already received it!). So this goes out to all of my readers -- the few, the proud :) 

Thanks for hanging with me through a wordy post! You rock. Now go forth and have a lovely evening!


Lindsey said...

Your layout is a perfect thank you to a thoughtful (and I'm sure appreciative!) friend. Of course, you had a cutie-pie corgi to start with... :)
That is one fabby prize! Of course, earned by a fabby layout. :)

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Wow - so much going on for you! What a great friend you have in Meg and how fun to have a friend who would appreciate the gift of a layout! My sister has a corgi, and he is just a riot. Love the letter techniques you used on the layout. Love the Canvas Corp goodies, what a great prize! And thanks for explaining the meaning of the blog award. Honestly, I had no idea what it meant! Love your choice to pass it on to all your readers. After I awarded mine, I kept thinking of everyone I left out and felt kinda bad - great solution!

Meg said...

Holy cow!! You totally fooled me--I thought the "No 1" and "addie" were straight-outta-the-box thickers!! Yes, both of those are awesome techniques that you will have to keep using!

And I am very jealous of your prize pack--soooo much fun goodies, it looks like it was made specifically for you! Can't wait to see what you make!

ps--have I mentioned I love my layout (and my layout loves me too)?!??!?!

Emily Leiphart said...

What a sweet, Meg, and what a fabulous layout of Addie to thank her with! You girls rock! (I have to admit, Marty's sympathy card is on my to-do list. Know that I'm thinking of you though!)

Wow, that is one fantastic prize pack! Congrats again and enjoy playing with them - which I know you will!!

I already know you're great at sending stuff out so we can just play Pay It Forward with each other. ;)

Julie E said...

What a fun LO!!! Ok, sign me up for pay it forward.
Congrats on your win too - Embellish and Cosmo :>)