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16 July 2011

Whoa! Where have I been? Where am I going?

Well, as it turns out, I've been to Chicago, saw Weird Al in concert, had tea, Cotswold-style, at Greenfield Village, hit a Tigers game, and managed to hang out with the fam at home in between. Whew! So...not much blogging, but plenty of new photos to scrap soon!

I have done a bit of scrapping, though, especially with my Scrappy Chic kit for July. What with all the new-cat/injured-cat business in our house these days, could you blame me for jumping on We R Memory Keepers' latest line, Friends Furever? Tired pun notwithstanding, it's pretty cute collection for cat AND dog lovers, and there's lots of orange, which looks good with Simon. Who has a beard! Here:

click to enlarge

A little orange goatee, to be a bit more exact. I used papers from the new line, along with some alpha stickers I've had hanging around for awhile (the green Studio Calico ones are in one of my favorite-ever fonts. Thanks, what the font, for telling me! Thanks, Meg, for telling me about what the font!!) I also used these glass (plastic, maybe?) little drop thingies. Look closer:

When you're done looking at cutie Simon, see those dots on the arrow? I think they're called dew drops? Anyway, I kinda like 'em. I was surprised at that. Other stuff here: a semi-failed attempt at misting, some paint splatters, some flocked lace stuff from ages ago. Simple little layout. Cute little cat!

That photo above was taken right after Simon came home: he weighed about 2.5 lbs and was as fuzzy as all get out! Here he is now:

5 lbs (that's double, people. Whoa!), less fuzzy, cone-free!, but still cute. I checked: beard is still in place as well.

Now, as for where I'm going: CHA!!! I'll be right back in Chicago at the trade show next week (not the Consumer SuperShow, so don't ask me to buy anything for you, silly ;) ) Chris, owner of Scrappy Chic, is very generously taking me along to shop for the store!

I'll get a front-row seat for all the new releases for the next 6 months or so. Can't wait!! My goal is to blog some finds and fun and such in the evenings, assuming I can stay awake after shopping and walking, walking, walking the show floor. If you have anything you'd especially like to see in those posts (or in the store, local folks), leave your requests in a comment, K? If you just can't wait, you can find links to a lot of what's already been sneak-peeked here

And in other people-going-places news, my good pal Meg has already sped through the first round of Paper Crafts Magazine's Gallery Idol competition -- her card for round two, which I'm sure will be absolutely fabulous, will go live tomorrow afternoon. If you agree that she is absolutely fabulous (and why wouldn't you?), feel free to vote for her in Round Two! You can keep up with the competition here, and with Meg via her blog here


Meg said...

Wow, girl, you have been a busy little bee this summer! Jealous of all you fun activities including some Weird Al!! How awesome is that?!?!

Love Mr Beardy and his gettin'-big self! Great layout, of course, and I hope you don't get me started on yet another item that I must have like dew drops! Fabulous font choice as well.

Also jealous of your upcoming CHA adventure. I'm sure you will fill us in on all things wonderful like Echo Park (hint, hint).

Thanks for the gallery idol shout-out! My silhouette is smokin' over here this weekend!

Liz Michaud said...

Ahh cutie Simon :) Glad that he no longer has to wear his cone! Love the beard layout too.

Sounds like you have been having a great summer so far! Have a blast at CHA - long days but so much fun!!

Sue Althouse said...

Simon is still such a cutie! We've been to a Tigers game but not to tea at GV, that's still on my list. Love the layout, it must have been a bit of a challenge to get that shot! Have a blast at CHA, can't wait for new stuff to hit the shelves at Scrappy Chic!

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hi Angela, My you have been busy, sounds a lot like fun, Simon has grown and his leg has healed, great news! Love your new LO! Isn't he just so cute, Gay xxx

Lindsey said...

Simon the wonder-cat has a beard! Too cute. Love the layout to show him and his facial hair (facial fur?) stylings.

Emily Leiphart said...

Squee! Simon is ever so cute and I love your new layout featuring his best! Too bad you didn't live closer so I could play with him. ;)