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03 July 2011

Oh, Simon... sure are a cute kitten! So cute, I had to put together an 8x10 collage of your pictures in Picasa. I was all set to print it out...but oops! I forgot to reset the paper size, so I ended up with about a dozen photos crammed into a space barely larger than 4x6! What's a scrapper to do? Make a layout anyway, of course:

(You can click to enlarge, but you'll probably see all these photos again anyway, only bigger. Also, I swear everything is straight on the real layout!)

Meet Simple Stories, a newer (or newly reworked, I think) scrap company with sort of an Echo Park vibe. This layout uses their 100 Days of Summer collection, which is sunny and fun and just a little vintage all at once. I love it! It was part of my Scrappy Chic kit for June, and I got a lot of use out of it.

I also got some use out of my Sew-Easy:

Cute, no? I haven't been in the mood to drag out my sewing machine lately, so old-skool hand-stitching is taking its place for awhile. You can also see the nice bit of distressing on the dp here, too.

So, about that cute Simon's what he looks like now:

He broke his poor little leg on Monday, had a splint, had surgery (Thursday), had a big 'ol bandage...and now has a nekkid chicken leg (you can barely see it in the photo) and a lovely bonnet to wear. Or e-collar. Or Cone of Shame...whatever floats your boat. He also has to more or less live in a crate for the next month or so. The cone's only until the stitches come out, luckily. Poor baby. He's pretty fine with it all, though -- one easy-going kitty!

Anyway, you can see what we've been up to this holiday weekend -- I hope you're up to something a little more fun!


Meg said...

Ah, so cute--both the layout and the subject!! Way to waste not, want not, on the misprinting. I've been trying to be good, but I may have to check out Simple Stories-those stripes look delightful. I will blame all purchases on you.

Poor Cone-of-Shame Simon. I hope he is still coping well with his crate time!

Sue Althouse, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

So sorry Simon broke his leg! Love the Cone of Shame reference. Who knows, you may try that mini collage thing again! Have a great July 4th. p.s. got the magazine yesterday, how cool to see your name in print!

Lindsey said...

A class act like Simon deserves such an awesome layout! I especially love the stitching, but I'm with Meg... that paper looks pretty sweet, too. And of course I like the shiny red letters for the "Welcome"!

kasia c. said...

Oh your poor little man! He is such a cutie. i hope he heals up quickly.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that layout! The stitching, the pictures, the bright colours! Yum!

Emily Leiphart said...

I love this post, Ang! Simon is sooooo cute so I don't mind seeing him in tiny pictures or in a Cone of Shame. Poor little guy. Thankfully he's so easy going! Pit'r would not do well in that situation. LOL

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hi there Angela, Woah, He's totally cute and his poor leg, how rotten for him and you too having to confine him, good job he's easy going:0)
Great LO and the stitching in bright red is a knockout, so many great( little) pictures, LOL Gay xxx

Liz Michaud said...

Oh poor Simon :( What happend? He is still sooo cute with his bonnet on. Love your layout as well! Hope you had fun in Chicago too!