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12 September 2011

got the no-bloggin' blues!

Well hey there, old pals!
I haven't blogged in, let's see here...two and a half weeks! That's just crazy.

I must say, while I have been making some things. I've also got the autumnal nesting bug -- cleaning the house, canning, baking, even (gasp!) weeding! Pair that with getting back into the swing of the school year (oh, and an adolescent kitten -- sheesh, Simon can be a pain in the cat-butt these days!), and the blog has been sadly neglected.

Anyone else with me? I've noticed some of my other regular reads have been a little quiet too....Of course, that hasn't kept me from getting behind on blog comments, too!

Anywho, how about a couple of quick cards to get back into the groove?

Here's one:

This is a quick Halloween card I made, currently on display at Scrappy Chic. I'm always drawn to fun Halloween products, which is silly since I don't really have much Halloween stuff to make or scrap. However, I couldn't resist the stuff you see here: Authentique's Halloween line (the 6x6 pad and die-cuts, specifically), and an uber-cute Hero Arts stamp set. I love that cat! Solid stamps like these are great for lazy stampers like me -- and they're already distressed-looking, making them a fine match for the paper line. There's a bit of May Arts ribbon there as well -- at about 40 cents a yard, how could I resist that one?

So, in short, I'm a sucker. But it's a cute card, no?

How about one more?

This is a dual-purpose card: it's a housewarming card for a pal of mine who moved from my town to one about an hour north of here -- sad to see them leave the 'hood, but I'm happy for her -- she used to drive almost two hours each way for work, and now she's way, way closer. Plus, we share a love of the film Amelie, so the gnome is especially appropriate.

The second purpose: it fits right in with my good stampy friend Emily's Moving Challenge -- she also just experienced a big move! In fact, I made her a card using the same house stamp from Unity -- you can see it in her post here.  The adorrrrable little gnome and sentiment are also from Unity -- I got the set at Scrappy Chic, in case you're local and want to indulge ;)

Ok, enough from me for now! I'll try to blog a bit more regularly -- there's a lot of scrappy goodness coming up soon! Have a lovely day.


Emily Leiphart said...

Aw, no-blogging blues? You and me both! Except I don't even have anything to show for it. :P Both cards are adorable and I'm highly jealous of your new Hero Arts AND Unity stamps!! Thanks so much for playing in The Moving Challenge! I hope things get back to normal soon for both of us. :)

Lindsey said...

So nice to see you back in blogland, Ang! Are you surprised that I ♥ your first card? Text + cat = awesome! and your second card is so sweet -- I love how you just coloured in the house and one gnome.

kasia c. said...

Can I hire you to come "nest" at my house!! It could sure use it!
Love that adorable little kitty and the cut outs!
I love the card for your friend who's moving! I too love Amelie, how fabulously perfect is that little gnome. :)

Liz Michaud said...

I am right there with you! I have been working on the house and visiting with freinds and family. Not a lot of scrpping going on. I hope that will change after I get my new kit tonight... and after my trip to Toronto this weekend I will have lots of fun pics to scrap :)
Love both your the black cat stamp!!!

Sue Althouse said...

Welcome back! My blogging has also slowed down a bit while I get into a fall routine. Lovely cards, especially the black cat.

Jocelyn Olson said...

Glad to see you back on the blogosphere. I've been a blog outcast for the past 2 weeks too, although I don't have a clean house or a weeded garden to show for it (ha ha). Both cards are so whimsical and sweet! I am digging the cat and moon/stars stamps and the gnomes? I'm a total gnomephile, so I LOVE it! Super cute!

Meg said...

I'm with you on the blog silence (both posting and commenting), but sadly I haven't been as productive as you during my non-blogging time!

That text paper is awesome on the first card, and I'm starting to appreciate the pre-distressed stamps (since my non-distressed stamps turn out looking distressed anyway). So many fun elements on there, but still easy to mail!

Amelie! What fun! Love your only-one-colored-gnome look (we must have had some stamping ESP going on last weekend without realizing it!) and the patterned grass border. (I also secretly want an Amelie haircut, but (a) I'm not a quirky French gamine and (b) I have this weird spot where my bangs don't grow. That might have been a bit of an overshare--see what long blog absences lead me to say?)

Hope you are having a fun weekend!