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23 September 2011

Happy Birthday, times 2!

Well, happy Friday to all of you, and Happy Birthday to my crafty pal, Emily Leiphart!  Em, I hope you get to party down today!

Often, when I make a card that's going to be mailed right away, I jump the gun and get it all sealed up in an envelope before realizing I haven't taken any photos. Doh!  This isn't one of those times, luckily. 

other supplies: Unity and PTI stamps, SU inks, My Mind's Eye pp.

Can you tell I tried to channel my inner Emily on this one? Twinery twine, a mix of patterns, and I even {gasp!} colored that little party birdie! Ok, so I watercolored him, whereas Em is a Copic genius, but still.

[Speaking of that little bird, he's from a company new to me -- pictureshow stamps -- and he's actually their logo. Ain't he cute? I picked him up at a local stamp show, where they were selling tons and tons of images in mounted and unmounted versions. Their etsy shop only seems to sell mounted stamps, and a smaller variety, so if you are lucky enough to see their booth at a show, be sure to stop and browse.]

Ok then, back to business: Emily, I hope you have a fabulously crafty birthday!! I'm happy to be your stampy pal, and it's extra-special because we happen to be birthday buddies! That's right, it's my birthday too, and I'm already overwhelmed by all the birthday kindness that's come my way. I'll be sure to post some of my craftiest gifts from my craftiest pals soon.

Before I go, how about a cute cat photo for the first day of fall? It just so happens that our cats are perfectly coordinated for the season!

...dinner time is the only time they get this close to one another without any pouncing or growling, by the way ;). Don't they look like they're holding hands? Ha. Simon and Dex wish you a happy autumn, and so do I. Have a lovely day!!


Emily Leiphart said...

HAPPY SAME BIRTHDAY, ANG!!! I'm lucky to have you as my friend (crafty and otherwise LOL) and this card is just wicked awesome. I love everything about it! The masked birdie is just the cutest (me want) and I love the photo of Marty and Dex crossing tails. That is waaay too cute!! Have an awesome, awesome day!

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hi Angela, A very Happy Birthday to you, I hope you're having a wonderful day, sorry I've not been around much been feeling a bit crook, Hugs Gay xxxx

Sue Althouse said...

Such a cute birthday card, love the little bird. Have you always had 2 cats? I thought there was just one, but maybe I am getting things confused with Liz's kitten?

Jen W. said...

Happy Birthday, Angela! I saw Emily's post about your birthday card and thought I'd check out your blog. Love your card and how so very Emily it is! :) Hope you have a great day!

Lindsey said...

Happy birthday to you! Hope your students are extra-nice to you today (ha!) and you have fabulous party down plans for the evening and maybe even weekend! What a perfect card for Emily. That bird is over-the-top cute!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Happy birthday to you!!! And to Em too:) LOVE this card--totally adorable! LOVE your stamping and that little chick!

kasia c. said...

I wish you a most fabulous birthday!

Great card! LOVE the oundstooth and that fabulous twine senitment banner. :)

Meg said...

Aw, they really are friends! (well, at least for the .2 seconds it takes to eat their dinner, right?)

Your card for Em cracks me up because that bird is just so gosh darn ridiculous! Because of course a bird that would be wearing a feathered hat would also be carrying a cane. (which also brings up the question of why would a bird put a feather in his cap? it's not like we would put hair on our hats BUT I DON'T EVEN CARE because he is so awesome.) Love your twined party banner and of course the houndstooth pattern is so Emily!

Hope you had a fantastic birthday, too!!

Jocelyn Olson said...

Happy birthday, Angela!!! I am loving every part of your card. The little birdie is sooooo sweet, and green houndstooth? *swoon* Love the kitty picture, too--it made me "awwww."

Liz Michaud said...

Happy Belated Birthday Angela :) Hope you had a great day!!! I can't belive how big Simon is! They grow so fast don't they? Super cute photo of the two of them!
Can't wait to crop on Sunday!