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21 September 2011

I swear these pages are cute!

So, a few weeks ago I met up with some folks at Scrappy Chic to do a little cropping. I made a whole mini-book (more on that later), and then whipped up a couple of quick layouts near the end of the day. Since I used my design team goodies for those layouts, it seemed silly to take them home, photograph them, and then bring them all the way back to the store for display. I just snapped some photos right there on the table and then left the layouts behind. Turns out, that might not be the best idea -- fluorescent lighting plus iphone does not exactly equal stellar photography. Try to see beyond it, ok?

It might help that the photos feature the cutest kids I know, though!

click to enlarge...if you think it'll help!

Here's our godson, in the middle of asking one of about a million and a half questions, mostly about the bowling tournament that was on TV. After awhile, we (who know little about bowling to begin with) started giving silly and nonsensical answers, but he didn't mind :)

paper from imaginisce and my mind's eye; other goodies from ac, basic grey, and my stash.

The clickety-clack of a manual typewriter at a crop is always sure to spark everyone's "remember when" stories. Fun times.

The second one features photos from the same day, same kid, plus his little brother and some very messy ice cream!
ruby rock-it paper, fabulous stamp from suzanne carillo/art gone wild

I made a little journaling flag with a toothpick. I have a feeling I'll try that one again soon. Also, isn't that hanging-clouds stamp amazing? I love it. These days, a wood-mount stamp has to be pretty awesome for me to buy it (storage space issues and such), and this one definitely qualifies! (Got mine at Scrappy Chic, of course, but you can see it here if you scroll down a bit.)

By the way, if you happen to be local, Treat Dreams in Ferndale has amazing and well-made ice cream for the whole family! Blue whatever-that-is makes kids happy, but the salty caramel ice cream made me very happy. There's also a cute train table for kids to play at, which distracted these kiddos soon after the photos were snapped ;)


kasia c. said...

Angela, these are fabulous! Despite the said poor lighting conditions you can still see how amazing they are. It looks like everyone is definitely enjoying their ice cream. :)

Liz Michaud said...

Bad lighting and all these layouts are still super cute! Love the cloud stamps and all the tape on the first layout. You are so productive at crops! Can't wait to crop on the 2nd :)

Jocelyn Olson said...

Forget the lighting...these are fabulous! You whipped them up at the end of a crop? Crazy! I love how you mixed the papers in the first LO. The actual typewriter--soooo cool! And yep, the cloud stamp is's fun and different.

Lindsey said...

These are so much fun, Ang! And that cloud stamp is definitely worth the storage space, it's too cool.

Emily Leiphart said...

How fun!! I LOVE how you use strips of paper in combination with thickers. You always create the best combos. And, yes, that hanging cloud stamp is pretty wicked and very original!

Meg said...

Even with the poor lighting, these pages look fabulous, Ang! I love all the bits you added to the frame in the first one, but I don't understand your magical powers of still making it look clean and simple.

Very cute layout for the second one and GASP at those hanging clouds! The toothpick banner journaling is another inspired touch.

Can't wait to see this mini-book I've been hearing so much about!