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08 June 2012

the card-order quandary

Way back in my poor-student days, I used to make a tiny bit of extra cash making cards for people -- invitations, thank-you cards, etc. That was when I learned that, no matter how much I love making stuff from paper, I kind of hate making lots of the same thing from paper. Once I had a real job again, I stopped  making cards for profit. Well, mostly.

I have one friend who is super-sweet, really appreciates handmade things, and likes my taste (and therefore gives me free reign, design-wise). For her, I'll make stuff. She needed to supplement her thank-you card stash recently (she's having a baby boy any day now, and several baby showers really put a dent in her stash!), and asked for 20 thank you cards with a woodland theme, but nothing too obviously baby-ish. Here's what I came up with:

I've always loved that little deer.
This is one of those designs that took way less time to mass-produce than I thought it would. Here's how it went:

Cut, score, and fold all the cards -- these are 4-bar, or 3.5x5 or so.
Punch two clouds (fiskars) from a post-it.
Stamp background (hero arts - envelope pattern), using clouds as a mask (I used a brayer for the ink -- a pain to clean, but much faster when stamping multiples with a big ol' stamp.
Eyeball and stamp oval (a.muse - ovalicious).
Use stamp positioner to stamp deer (SU - forest friends).
Eyeball and stamp sentiment (pti).

I was a one-woman assembly line. Time-wise, the whole shebang took maybe an hour and a half. Not bad! And not too soul-deadening, either, thankfully. Plus, she liked 'em -- and her sister had one of those double-take you-MADE-those? moments that makes it all worthwhile ;).

Hey, if you aren't local and are curious about that Scrappy Chic place I get all my stuff at (and coordinate the design team for), Chris, the owner, recently posted this video tour of the store -- fun stuff! Also, the store is in the running for the Detroit A-List -- you can vote for it here if you have a second (it's quick). Thanks for considering it!

Anywho, that's it for me today -- hope you enjoy your day and your weekend, and I'll see you on Monday. Thanks for stopping in!


Emily Leiphart said...

This is SO cute and perfect for your friend! I watched the video and drooled. I wish I had a place like that near me that I could shop at!

Liz Michaud said...

I am in mass producing hell right now! I took on a lot of invites this year - 6 sets in total. Plus all the extra stuff like menu cards and place cards and such. Ugh. I love it and hate it. lol :)
I havn't scrapped in months since invites are taking all of my scrappy time. I think this year might by my last for invites.

Love your cards! I would never things to stamp thos things together like that! I have a few background stamps so I will have to give it a try :)

Have a good weekend!!

Lindsey said...

Twenty cards in an hour and a half? You're an artistic machine! Perfect design to mass-produce, and super-cute to boot. I think stamping the envelope background 20 times would have done me in, brayered or directly inked or however! (And yes, it is a nice boost to get the "you made it?" response.)
Happy weekend to you, too!

Pryn said...

LOVE this design!!! Perfect for baby thank you's, but not too babyish!!! You NAILED it!!!

Emily Keaton said...

That is absolutely adorable!! I *love* a good one-layer card. So useful and mailable!!

Jocelyn Olson said...

is is perfect for a non-babyish baby card, although you're missing the sailboats, puppies, and airplanes. ;) You're so good to do the custom orders and to do one that requires masking to boot. The card turned out beautifully, though!