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13 June 2012

neon - who knew?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a fan of trends -- in fashion as in paper, I love seeing what's new and watching it spread like wildfire! When it comes to fashion, there's one rule I tend to follow, though: If I'm old enough to have participated in a trend the last time it was "in," I probably shouldn't be following it now.

Well, rules are made for breaking, right? I hope so, because I'm a little bit in love with...neon. Or, as I called it in the 80s, fluorescent (man, neon is easier to spell!). I have some neon pink nail polish, a neon tank top, and I'm considering a neon purse, even. Craziness. And, of course, neon has invaded my paper world as well. I was pretty excited to see that Heidi Swapp was not only returning to the scrapbook design world, but that one of her new lines is...neon! So, let's take a look, shall we?

I wanted to downplay the 80s-ness of neon here, so I paired it with kraft, which makes the washi tapes, alphas, and gel pens pop without being too painful on the eyes ;). I made the flower by hand, using a Gluber and some vintage pattern tissue -- I kind of made it up as I went along. The brown alphas started off all white -- they're meant to be misted/inked/whatevered.

In case you couldn't tell, I went in the opposite direction here -- hello, 80s! The grey cardstock is shimmery, the tape is graphic, the sentiment -- well, could it be more appropriate? Plus, this card was super-duper quick -- and made from scraps (bonus!). I made both of these projects for Mega Meet last month, and now you can see them at Scrappy Chic. If you'd like to see Heidi Swapp's products, they're here (but remember, neon doesn't always look good on-screen).

So, what's the verdict from your point of view -- is neon a welcome return...or are you thinking "gag me with a spoon"?

Have a rad day!


Liz Michaud said...

I am not *yet* on the neon trend - though I have seen a few things that I do like. I love what you did with it though! I feel the same about living though it the first time (granted I was like 5) but still I remember and it wasn't pretty! lol

Lindsey said...

Wait, neon was ever out? Okay, just kidding. :D I love the flower and splashes of neon on your layout -- and is that a giant ferris wheel I see? :P The card is pure retro fun.

Sue Althouse said...

I like the way you approached the neon on your projects, so it's not over the top screaming at you. I would say it is definitely a Handle With Care proposition!

Tracey said...

very awesome use of neon!!!!!!