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27 July 2010

The other one

Hey -
We do have two cats, you know, even though only Marty's gotten attention here lately.
Meet Dexter:

Like her sister, Dexter is also a girl cat with a boy name. She's 8, a bit chunky, and completely healthy. Here she is enjoying our new kitchen, which matches her perfectly. If I was into staging my shoots, I would've brushed her first, but I took this during prime shedding season!

For the layout, I took all that black and white-ness and threw in a big shot of red, thanks to that paper from Ruby Rock-It, some Jenni Bowlin butterfly stickers, and some other goodies. The swirly and stripe-y border bits are from my recent kit leftover trade with Liz. The white BG letters in the title were a little too white, so I went back in with a little script stamp and some red ink and gave them a little color. Maybe you can see that if you give the photo a click and enlarge it. You should be able to check out this layout at Scrappy Chic sometime soon if you're in the neighborhood.

In other news, Marty cat is not super-swell. Her numbers dropped again, so she'll go in for a likely second transfusion tomorrow, followed by some further testing on Thursday. Turns out none of the "easy" explanations for her issues are the right ones. I'm a little bit of a wreck about it, but Marty seems totally fine, eating and sleeping and hanging out exactly as she usually does. Hard to believe there's so much wrong.

Sorry to be a drag. I need a distraction. Maybe I'll make some cards.


Meg said...

Oh, no, Angela, not good news at all. I'm glad she keeping her spirits up, but I really hope they find out what the story is soon! We can't have all these kitties in ICU! Addison is still sending furry get well wishes, (even if it is to a cat).

Dexter sure is a purdy one, too! Did you just take her to the granite store so your counters would match? Love the layout, too, that red is such a nice shade--not too "HELLO I'M RED."

(ps-I knew you were going to call me out on my non-scrapbooking statement! And as long as that took me, I don't think I'll be diving into it soon!)

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Glad to meet Dexter - love that name! Sorry to hear Marty is still having issues. Today I posted layouts on my blog about my two cats, Lucky and Chessie. Chessie is my black cat.

Emily Leiphart said...

LOL, you know what we say about Pit'r... Everything we buy has to match her! ;) LOVE those tiles in the background, BTW. If we can ever find a house, that would be in my dream kitchen! Dexter is adorable! I love how puffy she looks and the way she's highlighted by the awesome papers you used. Heehee.

So sorry to hear Marty Moo isn't doing so well! At least she's acting like herself, unlike our Pit'r who has become more social. :O Give Marty some extra hugs from us!