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01 October 2011

Baby, baby, baby....

Is there an insidious Justin Bieber song stuck in your head now? Good.  Be lucky I don't believe in having music on my blog!

(Sidenote: one of my students {college students here, people} was wearing a Justin Bieber shirt today! One of her classmates pointed out: "Hey, aren't you older than he is?" Her response? "So? Hotness knows no age." It was funny, and only moderately creepy.)

Anyway, one line I got to work with this month is the adorably useful baby line from Simple Stories, Baby Steps. Their lines are amazingly well-coordinated and perfect for people who want pretty scrapbook pages in very little time -- their paper lines all include cut-apart elements that fit those handy divided page I gave it a shot and made {gasp!} a two-page layout! Whoa.

click for a bigger view. Yes, that's my school desk calendar behind it ;) We take our photos when and where we can!

Aside from finding enough photos of my cutie-pie baby friend Sahana, this whole double layout took maybe 15 minutes. Score! The rose trim is adhered on top of the page protector, while the other accents are adhered to the panels inside. I used some smaller elements matted onto that pretty plaid pattern, along with some ribbon, brads, and letter stickers. Imagine how rewarding this kind of scrapping would be for beginners, or busy folks, or for gift books, for that matter.

Speaking of which, I discovered a whole extra page that I'd gotten but totally forgot to use, so I got to make a couple more projects -- these for a friend who is expecting. First, a quick card:

I paper-pieced a quick Papertrey cupcake with some scraps, plopped it on an extra cut-apart panel, added a button and a mat (perfect match for PTI's spring moss), and away we go! Here's the little memory book that accompanied it (yep, another mini-book!):

The cover features some faux stitching, twine from the Twinery, and a flat bow made from some scrap ribbon (flat=easy to mail). The inside is all made from just one 12x12 sheet of 4x6 elements, quickly stitched into the cover:

Plenty of room for photos and/or journaling, yet small enough to keep in a purse -- the mommy-to-be is not a scrapper but is a great photographer, so I bet it gets filled up pretty quickly! Speaking of quickly: another 15-minute project! Score. Here's my question for any mommas out there: would you actually fill this up, or would it sit in drawer somewhere until your kid turned 18 or something? Just curious ;)

So, there you have it: three quick and cute baby projects. One Bieber song stuck in your head.

Happy World Card Making Day, y'all -- I'll be doing all my making (card and otherwise) tomorrow at Scrappy Chic instead :)

Have a lovely, crafty kind of day.


Lindsey said...

Total awesomeness, Ang! I am especially in awe of that mini book -- both its beauty and its speed of completion! (I know it would take me way longer, but still...)
Not appreciating the Bieber earworm, though. Or the idea of a college student thinking he's hot. Blech. :D

Jocelyn Olson said...

Seriously? These took you 30 minutes to make? I must be doing something wrong--LOL! The coordinating papers are so pretty. I am drooling over the memory book...what a fab idea! I don't know the JB song (thankfully), although I'm grossed out that your student thought he was hot (but maybe it's because I'm older than his mother). I'm with Lindsey--blech!

Meg said...

I'm glad I'm not hip to the music these crazy kids are listening to nowadays, so I was spared the earworm-whew!

As for your projects--what a total eyeworm (which sounds 100% grosser than "earworm" but was supposed to mean that they stuck in my visual brain). Those Simple Stories really make it easy to whip up some awesome pages fast! Love the plaid on the two-page layout and all the fun goodies. The card is just perfect--who knew cupcakes were also good for baby cards? And that mini-album is just so sweet! I think I would have trouble writing in it because I would worry about "ruining" a page with my ugly handwriting and/or misspelling and/or lack of planning for space constraints, but that's probably just my personal OCD problem.

kasia c. said...

Angela, these are incredible! I love the layout, super cute. And that memory book is just fabulous! What a great gift. :)

Emily Leiphart said...

HAHA, this is one time I'm glad I don't even know the tune. ;D The layout is super sweet and so are the cards and mini. What a great gift idea!