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31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hiya! Just thought I'd pop in really quickly to wish y'all a spooktacular Halloween!

We get plenty of trick or treaters in our neighborhood, so I'm all stocked up on the sugar. While I wait for the early birds to show up, I thought I'd share my sole contributions in the Halloween-card department this year:

(anyone notice anything odd about this photo?)

Sponge-tastic! I first masked and sponged the moon, and then the sky for each one -- a purple dusk on the left, a reddish dawn on the right (red in the morning's a sailor's warning, right? Or maybe it's "some reddish work done at night." Or maybe I've read The Crucible too many times.). I mixed ink brands on the left (SU, Distress, old PTI) -- it's moodier and (I think) eerily foggy-looking. The inks on the right are all SU, and they seem more serene and even-tempered. Yes, I assign character traits to my inks. Even when it isn't Halloween ;)

{An aside: I don't normally trumpet Tim Holtz's products...he's talented but perchance a tad overrated. However, the whole Distress line of inks makes me very happy (including the stickles and stains), and his ink applicator thingamabob really does make inking a breeze. Dang it. I get all of my TH goodies at Scrappy Chic, where the man has quite the following among customers. I guess they're on to something.}

Back to the cards: After inking like mad, I then stamped my little scenes using my very first stamp set from Waltzingmouse, Hocus Pocus. Those stamps inked like champs right out of the packaging, and they definitely pass the squish test. If there's one thing I hate, it's really well-designed stamps that are cheaply made -- they squish when you stamp 'em. Not these, though! I think I may need more....

Anywho, some paper from Echo Park and a bit of narrow velvet ribbon finish 'em off. Now, if only I'd remembered to send them to someone! Oh well, it'll be a belated Halloween this year!

Don't forget, you have until midnight tonight to enter my little giveaway in the post below this one. As of right now, there are a whopping four entrants, so I think your chances are mighty fine!!

Now, I'm off to scare the little munchkins with my spooooooky semicolon costume...but that's another post.

Have a lovely creepy day!


Lindsey said...

You may have only made two Hallowe'en cards, but wow, are they spectacular! Your sponging is absolutely perfect. Great spooky stamps, too. Is that your creative muse in the photo?

Sue Althouse said...

Love the shading on your cards! We did not have many trick or treaters this year, which means way too much candy left over!

Liz Michaud said...

Wow Angela these are amazing! I am thinking maybe a class at Scrappy Chic on this technique ;). Im sure everyone will want to know how to do it now! Great cards. Happy Halloween (belated!).

kasia c. said...

Holy cow!! your sponging is insane!! I hope you had fun scaring the munchkins. :P

Jocelyn Olson said...

These are amazing, Angela! The colors are the way you blended them (Distress Inks are fabulous). Love those stamps. Hope you had fun passing out the candy!

Emily Leiphart said...

Um, what is that creepy ghost man sitting on top of the right card?!! Aside from that, these cards are gorgeous! I love the stamps and all the cool sponging.

Meg said...

GAH! You are making me want to order this stamp set to make cards for NEXT Halloween. So eerie, yet sophisticated! Love your magic with the distress inks, too, I'm still learning how to find that middle ground between "is this even inking?" to "holy crap now it's solid brown."

Now were you good and hold yourself to just one stamp set from Waltzingmouse or is there more mouse goodness to come?

Meg said...

I forgot to tell you thanks for the card ghost nightmares that will ensue tonight!