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24 October 2011

SiSiS: Stuff I Scrapped in September, part three.

Howdy and Happy end-of-Monday!

Today I collected 3/4 of a mountain of essays to grade (the rest will come tomorrow), so I thought I'd sneak in a post before it all gets too busy around here. How about a couple layouts featuring that cute boy I'm married to? Ok then:

I always try to snap a photo of the boy on his first day of school -- sometimes he obliges (grudgingly), and sometimes I have to sneak one (last year's features Andrew brushing his teeth!). This year he obliged, probably so I wouldn't scrap a toothpasty version of him :) I used the same Fancy Pants goodies that I used in this post, along with a few bits and bobs from my stash, plus a fun "keep calm and..." stamp from Maya Rd.

The title is layered over some tape, and I made a little rosette with a glue dot and some embroidery floss.

This next layout needs a little explaining -- you see, we play pub trivia every Tuesday, generally with a friend or two. For awhile, we had a dream team of four -- Andrew and I, plus our friends Rob and Jon. Between us, we had a wide range of generally useless information to draw upon. ;) One night, the stars aligned and...

We got a perfect score! Here's the rest of the team as we were celebrating with root beer floats :).  I included our score sheet from the game and some crossword-patterned paper from Grant Studios. See the chipboard buttons? Well, you might think they're just a design detail, but the uppermost button stack is strategic -- it's covering a woman in the background who looks like she's about to pick her nose. Ha! I don't know who she is, but I'm guessing she wouldn't appreciate being featured on the page. So, hello, button!

Anyway, since this game our buddy Rob moved out of state for a job, so now we mostly play as a team of three. We do ok, but we haven't since had a perfect game. Maybe tomorrow?

Anyway, that's all of my September projects for Scrappy Chic. I have more from a scrap session at the store, plus a bunch I've done since...whoa. Lots more posting to do!

Until then -- have a lovely evening! Wish me some grading luck, will ya? Thanks.


scrapfool33 said...

Hi Angela - More great pages and on two of my most favorite subjects - school and trivia - you and your LOs rock!! I really like how you put the game sheet on the crossword paper and I just learned how to make the homemade chipboard buttons last week + your comment was hilarious - LOL!! Always enjoy your work & hope you get those papers graded(I remember my dad doing the same thing at the dining room table when I was growing up). Bye, Cathy C.

Sue Althouse said...

Good luck plowing through those essays! Great pages, I love scrapping everyday life. Love your choice of products on the second page, great marriage of paper, photos and story!

Laurie! said...

My husband NEVER lets me take his picture. He's a teacher and I tried to get a first day of school picture of him two years ago and I ended up getting a picture of him walking down the stairs to the front door. lol

Liz Michaud said...

Good luck with the papers. I guess having all summer off does have some downsides ;)Love the scrable paper on the second layout..perfect for the photo!! (and good luck if your playing trivia tonight!!)

Meg said...

1) Button coverage of the photo bomb!
2) Knowing smarty pants bloggers who get perfect trivia scores!
3) That crossword puzzle background!
4) Taking first-day photos of Andrew!
5) With Keep Calm stamps!
6) And paper that is vaguely reminiscent of Freaks & Geeks titles!

Off to part II!

Jocelyn Olson said...

The button covering up the lady is hilarious. I love that you included the score sheet on your LO. Your first LO makes me smile...great layering. The spirograph-looking flower is AWESOME and so is your little rosette. Good luck with the mountain of grading...ugh, I don't miss that!

Lindsey said...

Gosh, I so don't miss marking. :D But enough about me... :D
Great pic if your boy on the first day of school. Love all the little details, and the Keep Calm... stamp is perfect for a first day layout, as is the bg paper, even if he does teach slightly older kids! :P
Awesome layout of the trivia night perfect score, too! But I'm confused... celebrating with root beer floats -- at a pub???

Emily Leiphart said...

What fun layouts! That is one hilarious story of you trying to capture A on his first day of school. Love how dapper he looks in this non-teeth-brushing photo! :P And I love the idea of you all beering and gaming together. Very cool to include the score sheet!

kasia c. said...

What awesome layouts! I love that your hubby succumbed this year!! I love that alphabet paper, how perfect for the page.
That's so awesome that you guys do pub trivia weekly, so much fun!