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04 October 2011

Baby got BAK.

Well, if that Justin Bieber song didn't get stuck in your head after my last post, I sure bet you've got a song in your head now!!

I've always wondered why we crafty folk refer to the cards and other goodies we get in the mail as "RAKs" (Random Acts of Kindness) even when they aren't random at all! Recently I got some lovely cards for my birthday, which I shall hereafter refer to as "BAKs," or "Birthday Acts of Kindness." Sound good? Ok, on we go!

First, from Lindsey over at Bashful Blogging, comes this cheery Bird-day card:

Linds is a whiz with color, and I really love the pops of yellow all over the place. Plus, Linds knows I love a pun!! I haven't spied this one on her blog yet, but keep an eye out for it! (She also knows I love a good surprise!).

Next, a card from my birthday-sharing buddy Emily that makes me look way nicer than I actually am ;) :

Gorgeous! It uses my favorite shades of orange, pink, and green, along with those glorious wings, which I bet Em knows I'd never in a million years have the patience to fussy-cut at all, much less as perfectly as she did here. You can read more about it in her blog post here.

And finally, from my uber-creative-with-her-Silhouette pal, Meg, comes a card she knows I LOVE:

Ack! If you recognize this one, it's because it's kinda famous -- it was part of her amazing final round submission for Gallery Idol a couple months ago. You can see the whole rad suite here. And yep, the tape pops out:

Since my bday often falls on the first day of fall (as it did this year), this adds an air of poignance...or something ;)

Thanks for the BAKs, crafty pals! You made my birthday brighter. And a little more full of loot, too -- there were some fun stampy gifties that came along with each card! I'll be sure to let y'all know when I use them. Woohoo!

Have a lovely day!


Lindsey said...

I second BAK as an official acronym. :P Because you're right, they're purposeful, not random, and AK is too short. Besides, that means Hallowe'en and Christmas could be HAK and CAK! :D
Emily's and Meg's cards are amazing... but they ARE for an amazing friend! :)

Sue Althouse said...

Confession: for the longest time I had no idea what RAK stood for! BAK sounds good to me. How much fun those cards are, especially the radio!

Jocelyn Olson said...

These are amazing! I like the term BAK (and now I'll be singing "Baby Got Back" the rest of the night--thanks, Angela). :)

kasia c. said...

Love the term, it should definitley stay! What fabulous cards, for a fabulous lady!

Emily Leiphart said...

HAHAHA, I like the new acronym 'BAK' and these are certainly fabulous BAKs! Wow, do I ever love Lindsey's cute card and that music player from Meg is insane. Lucky you, Ang!! ;D

Liz Michaud said...

Wow what amazing cards! Love the radio - so cool!