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23 August 2010

Hope Mom's not reading this...

Hey folks! I have a layout to share today (finally! It's been awhile).

I stopped by Scrappy Chic yesterday, because I knew they'd gotten a bunch of new goodies in. Oh boy, am I in trouble! So much fun new stuff! And so much more on the way! And so many exclamations in one paragraph!!!  (If you wanna know what else I scooped up, let me know -- that's a whole other post!)

Anyway, Chris needed some back-to-school themed layouts for an in-store display, so here's what I came up with:

So, that's my mom. She's adorable...but she hates this school picture (hence the post title). The title makes sense if you read the journaling, but maybe it makes sense anyway :) You should be able to click for a larger image if the type is too tiny.

I used the brand-spankin' new Cosmo Cricket Togetherness line on this one. I did break down and buy the whole Crafting kit, but here I just used the mini-deck and chip stickers. I went for a retro quilty feel that I hope fits with the era of the photo. Oh, and I'm proud of myself -- that photo started as a very well-loved wallet size image, and I scanned it and used my Picasa skillz to retouch the worst bits. Looks pretty good now, but still well-loved.

Let's see, what else? Oh, the alpha stickers are Jillibean Soup. They're kinda annoying, because the whole sticker sheet is printed, not just the letters -- so they're borderless (good), but near-impossible to see on the sheet (bad). I liked the font and print too much to pass them up, though. The sort-of baker's twine in the chip buttons is also Jillibean. It has the look of baker's twine, but it seems to be made of embroidery floss instead. I dig. A little (ok, a LOT) of machine stitching rounds it all out.

Do you like it? I do! But I know one mom who won't...oh, well!

Before I go, voting has opened for the team challenge I posted about earlier. You can go HERE to vote -- just look for a project in each category from Creative Critters!! Mine is in the last bunch, but all 4 of us created some awesome goodies!


Liz Michaud said...

Woo Hoo! I voted for you! Cute layout too :) What other stuff did you get???? I would love to do a Sunday crop... but might have to be later in September (12th or 19th).

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

I went over and voted for you! Yes, I would love to see what else you picked up at Scrappy Chic - I'm due for a shopping trip soon! Adore your layout. To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my all-time favorite books, and I absolutely see Scout Finch looking like that picture of your mom! Too funny!

Meg said...

Oh this is such a cute layout! And your mom does look exactly like Scout!

I love all your fun papers and am highly impressed with your mad Picasa skilz. Your fun journaling makes me want to try scrapbooking (almost).