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09 January 2011

Oh yum.

Yet another layout for you today. Don't worry, though, all you card making types: I have some of those coming up. I think. I'm behind on photographing projects. 

But for now, how about I make you hungry?:

Well, maybe the layout isn't hunger-inducing, but eve sure as heck would be. Feel free to go check out the menu. I'll be here when you get back :)

On occasion, the women in my family will get together for dinner somewhere. Lately it's been in Ann Arbor, since my little (!) cousin is a sophomore at UM. This time around, her roommate came too, which was a nice little addition.

Anyway, the food at eve is really quite yummy (drinks are, too) -- they do that now-typical upscale-restaurant thing of using a lot of locally sourced products and seasonal recipes and whatnot. Oh, and I guess their head chef was on Top Chef or something -- sound right, local people?

So, the layout: I used Webster's Pages -- this is good for me, as it's a line I usually admire and often am clueless about using! I think the flowers are theirs too. I added some stamped tickets (tickets and stamps both from Pink Paislee's House of 3 line), along with some real and drawn stitches.

Those Thickers in the title are so old, but I love them. Who doesn't love puffy stickers, anyway?

Hey, here's my question: The photo was taken in a dark restaurant, so we all got blown out by the flash. My solution was to go b&w with the photo -- but when I got it from the developer, I realized I hadn't totally desaturated the color. Oops. So...does the photo look dorky, or is it ok?

Well, our semester starts up tomorrow, so it's back to work officially for me. Yee-haw. Happy Sunday.


Lindsey said...

Not dorky looking at all to me! :) Awesome background paper. The restaurant looks like a fine place, when are we going? :D

Meg said...

Oooh, you are totally rocking the Webster's Pages paper!

Here I thought you *meant* to get all artsy with partially colored photo! ;) I would keep it!

Boo for Sunday Stinkies! Hope you have a reasonable good day tomorrow!

Liz Michaud said...

Love this page! Those tickts turned out really cool too. Hope you have a good first day back!
I think I may join you on Sturday for a bit at SC... or at least I will drop by for a visit :)

Emily Leiphart said...

This is so very lovely, Ang! I love the blossoms on the paper and those tickets! The roses are a great addition and match for the paper.