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07 January 2011

"Running." Right.

First, a confession: I don't really run. Like, ever. I get plenty of aerobic exercise, I hit the gym, I'm in decent shape. But I don't run. Well, I did run once. When I was 15. Anyone who's 15 can run, so I don't think my single season on the track team really counts.

So, the story I'm about to tell you is extra-funny, at least to me.

Pretty much everyone (else) in my family runs -- all my aunts and uncles do or have run regularly for at least 20 years. My cousins (12 and 19) are not necessarily runners...but they're 12 and 19, so whatever. They can run. My dad used to run. My mom and grandma are not runners, but my mom walks faster than most humans should be allowed to, and my grandma gets around just fine, thank you very much. She's 80.

Andrew and I don't run. See above. So what the heck are we doing in a race? Ah, family togetherness:

In August, most of the fam was up North (Benzonia, to be exact), and some bright bulb thought it would be awesome if everyone did a 5K together. We wore matching t-shirts (see above) and got up bright and early to do a 5K in the tiny, tiny town of Copemish. Andrew and I signed up to run, figuring we might jog a bit once or twice, which is exactly what we did. Jogged once or twice, then walked the rest of the 3.1 miles. My entire family, save my grandma and dad (they walked together) beat us. Even my mom, who walked the entire time, beat us by many, many minutes. So what's so funny?

I got a trophy. In fact, I won my age group - as in, you know, FIRST. Andrew and I were absolutely the last two "runners" over the finish line, and I won my age group. The race was so dang tiny that I was literally the only female in the 25-35 age group. I was the best they could do! I think that's the look on my face in that photo: "Seriously? This is the best you could do?" In fact, out of the eleven family members in the photo above, NINE of us got trophies! I think next year the trophies should have a family reunion of their own.

This, my friends, is hilarious. And now my trophy sits on top of my craft storage thingie, looking at me like it knows I didn't really earn it. So I ask you: what fun crafty thing can I do with a goofy little trophy? Your feedback, as always, is appreciated.

Have a lovely day.

PS: this layout uses Little Yellow Bicycle's Savor Line (the B-sides are non-kitcheny), a stamp from Memory Box, and Prima alphas. You can find it at Scrappy Chic.


Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Super cute. I don't run either. I have tried to like it, but I just don't. It seems like a no brainer , quick and easy way to stay in shape, but I just can't bring myself to remotely like it! LOL! Your story is hilarious! The pictures and the layout are wonderful.

Thanks for sharing! :D

Julie E said...

What a fun story! No clue what you should do with it...perhaps little paper costumes for the "runner"?

Laurie! said...

ha ha I love the story behind this! Great layout!

Lindsey said...

I do not run, either. Well, I might from a burning building. Maybe. This is such a great layout, especially the little pullout of you! But really, if there are going to be nine trophies, shouldn't there be one for everybody? :P

Scrapcollectr said...

You put it in a place of honor like a mantle and then when people ask about it you cavalierly let them know that it was for first place in your age group and not tell them any of the other details!
Love the layout with the hidden journaling tag...
Thanks for visiting me... *smile*

Meg said...

Haha, that is AWESOME. You totally inspired me to try and find the smallest 5K in Alabama!!

This was the only cool thing I found on the interwebs for old trophies:

Back to your too is awesome! I love the tree lines and the great pull-out journaling. I also need to get some thickers into my life-you always make them look so cute!

Emily Leiphart said...

This story is CUTE and funny and I love it! I love the trees and the ribbon twine thingy that pulls out your photo with the trophy - so clever! I'm like your mom. I may be short but I can walk much faster than most 6' peeps.

I don't think you should do anything with the trophy, just let it stare back at you and smile that you have one! :D