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04 January 2011

Village People

Yeah, we're village people. Greenfield Village, that is! Any local readers know what I'm talking about, and the rest of you should totally come and visit. Why? Take a look:

Sheep, windmills, and...a water tank? Ok, so the photos might not be super-compelling on their own, but if you went yourself, you could also take a ride on a real Model T, hang out in Thomas Edison's workshop, dip your own candles, have tea in the garden of a centuries-old Cotswold cottage, or...just hang out with the sheep, which we do pretty often. could just enjoy the layout instead (the village doesn't reopen until April anyway). It's a nice and bright and sunny layout for this chilly winter morning. I used My Mind's Eye's Fine and Dandy line in blue, along with a couple other goodies here and there. It also has 5 whole photos, which I can't pull off too often :) You can, of course, see it in person at Scrappy Chic. 

Today, I plan on cleaning the house and hitting the gym. Verrrry exciting, I know. Tomorrow it's back to meetings for a new semester. Verrrry exciting as well. What are you up to today? Hope it's fun!


Meg said...

SQUEEE! Sheep AND butterflies AND cloud paper AND banner pennants?!?! I'm in cute heaven. What a fantastic layout, especially getting 5 pictures on there without claustrophobia. You are one rocking scrapper!

Lindsey said...

Nope, can't beat the excitement of house cleaning OR department meetings. :D Love this cheery layout! The one time I was going to visit Greenfield Village... they closed it because of too much snow! (This intrepid Canadian couldn't understand the problem...) At least the museum was open.

Emily Leiphart said...

Beautiful cheery layout, Ang! I love the windmills and watertowers! Damian would totally love visiting Greenfield Village. I'm going to have to rethink the whole 8.5x11 layouts vs 12x12. ;)

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

We love Greenfield Village and go there often! Love the photos you used on your happy layout!

Savitri said...

Adorable page and that sounds like a great place to visit!!! Really love the clouds and banner combo!!